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Far-Infrared Amethyst Mats

suelargeblue.pngFree 2-day shipping (U.S.)   .   One-year warranty   .   Buy from a company you can trust - this is our 23rd anniversary year.

Susan Says, "Our far-infrared amethyst mat is our signature mat - affordable and effective. Use it to soothe soft tissue pain and inflammation, for sleep, stress relief and a lot more. Use your imagination - the sky's the limit.

"It's stuffed with 6-1/2 pounds of amethyst and measures 19” wide and 31” long, with a temperature control range of 77°F to 158°F. 

"It's perfect perfect for sleeping comfort when placed under your mattress pad, emitting negative ions for increased full body health. Negative ions sound 'bad', but they're good for you - it's 'positive ions' that aren't healthy. Salt lamps generate negative ions, too - that's how safe they are.

"The controller has a manual shut off. Temperature range is 30°C to 70°C - that's 70°F to 158°F (internal temperature not surface temperature).

"You get a handy waterproof carry bag, too. Compare to mats costing up to $700."

One-year warranty.

"I love my mat - I never want to get off." - MH, Florida

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