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Slash your Banderol and Cumanda bill in half with Otoba Bark and Huacapurana. Same herbs. Half the price. Hundreds have already made the switch.


Read about and buy Rainforest Pharmacy's Otoba Bark here: https://www.myherbs.net/otoba-bark-liquid-extract-...

Read about and buy Rainforest Pharmacy's Huacapurana here: https://www.myherbs.net/huacapurana-2-oz-liquid-e...

NutraMedix Banderol is Otoba Bark.The 2-oz bottle retails for $59.95, no, wait, the price just went up for 2018 - make that $64.95. Oh boy.

Rainforest Pharmacy Otoba Bark, the same herb, retails for $30 in the 2-oz bottle and $50 in the 4-oz bottle. 

Do the math. 

You save money, a lot of money with Rainforest Pharmacy Otoba Bark, and I do mean a lot. $64.95 for 2 ounces of Banderol. $50 for 4 ounces of Otoba Bark.

This is not a misprint.

Over 100  of our long-time Banderol customers have made the switch to Otoba Bark with a robust and impressive satisfaction rate of 90%. 

Don't get me wrong. We love Banderol. We also love Otoba Bark from Rainforest Pharmacy. 

And we also love saving our customers money. 

Since starting our company in 1994, we've been famous for that.

Here's more good news. We also can offer you Otoba Bark in capsules if you are sensitive to alcohol. 

And here's even more good news. We can cut your Cumanda (Campsiandra angustifolia bark) bill in HALF, too, with our Huacapurana (Campsiandra angustifolia bark) - that's right, Cumanda and Huacapurana are the same herb. Identical. 

We're not through yet. Burbur and Pinella alternatives are on the way at half the price. Stevia Full Spectrum Extract is already available with the giant 4-oz bottle just $20. The 1-oz bottle of NutraMedix Stevia is $19.95.

You don't need a calculator to figure out that Rainforest Pharmacy Stevia saves you 75%. Do you want 1-oz for $19.95 or 4-oz for a nickel more?

Ce sure to use our 333 discount code at checkout for an additional 5% savings on all Rainforest Pharmacy additive free vegetable capsules, liquid extracs, single herbs, formulas - and bulk herbs by the pound.

Read about and buy Otoba Bark here: https://www.myherbs.net/otoba-bark-liquid-extract-...

Read about and buy Huacapurana here: https://www.myherbs.net/huacapurana-2-oz-liquid-e...

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