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Fast free shipping for all U.S. orders $75 and up


Susan says, "We're doing everything in our power to cushion you from rising herb and shipping costs but it's not easy with increases coming at us from every direction. 

"We have, however, raised our FREE-SHIPPING MINIMUM from $50 to $75, which is the point at which - regardless of weight - we pay the full amount of shipping for you. 

"We ship Priority and First Class for fast 2-day delivery to most locations in the United States.

"In Florida, packages often are delivered to you overnight. In remote locations, delivery can take up to 3 days

"If shipping rates fall, rest assured, I'll lower the minimum purchase required for free shipping. 

"Thank you for understanding. 

"And remember, if you have questions about shipping, herbs, anything at all, don't be shy - ask

"Write to SusanAmbrosino1@gmail.com or DerekClontz@gmail.com. Use our simple contact form. We started this company to help you.

"And that means you'll not only get answers to your questions, you'll get them fast, often within minutes, always within one business day."