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Questions about herbs and nutritional supplements? Chief herbalist and company co-founder Derek Clontz can help you.

Send him an email via the link below or schedule a telephone call using the form below.

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It's easy - but remember: Derek isn't a doctor. He doesn't give medical advice. He doesn't make health claims for nutritional supplements that, by legal definition, are foods, not drugs, and they haven't been evaluated as drugs by the FDA.

He addresses questions of a general nature within the bounds of what is legal and ethical. Health professionals and individuals are welcome to inquire. His time is free. No question or concern is too small. If you need help, don't be shy - ask Derek.

In addition to co-founding Nature's Trust and Susan's Herbs in 1994, he is the author of three books and hundreds of articles on health and healing that have appeared in newspapers and magazines worldwide in a 39-year career dating back to 1978. His knowledge of herbs is encyclopedic.

Derek really does care about you. That was true 23 years ago, in 1994, when we started our company. It's true today.