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Herbalist & Alchemist A-Z Herbal Extracts

Herbalist & Alchemist founder David Winston says: "Our BIO-SPECIFIC product formulation process is based on knowledge of the chemistry, character and energetics of plants gained from traditional wisdom.

"This knowledge is combined and balanced with leading modern research and decades of clinical experience.

davidwinston.jpg"We obtain herbs directly from organic growers and ethical wildcrafters. Control over quality—from harvesting at the proper stage of growth to arriving fresh and vital in our lab—is critical to the BIO-SPECIFIC process.
rbs to evaluate quality and validate species. Most plants arrive whole, fresh and are easily identified.

"The few herbs that arrive in powdered form are sent to Rutgers University for identity confirmation using appropriate testing equipment in their multi-million dollar labs. We maintain samples of all herbs and extracts, document all steps in the process and store this information in computer databases as part of our good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

"Certified Organic, USP Pharmaceutical Grade Alcohol is used in most of our herbal extracts. It is far less toxic than industrial solvents such as hexane or benzene which are often used in standardized herbal preparations.

"You’ll notice fine sediment in our liquid extracts as a result of the alchemical processing. It’s a combination of filtered herb particles and calcined ash which give our extracts a high mineral content. Please shake the bottle gently before use."

a-sueblue.pngSusan says, "Questions? Need help? We are here for your. Call our Question and Order Hotline at 1-800-215-4682 or email Ask Susan!. You get answers - that's a promise."