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Raintree Formulas

rtformlogo.pngRaintree Formulas is one of the world’s leading brands of Amazon rainforest botanicals, believed by many to be the most bio-energetically potent on Earth. The herbal formulas are synergistically blended 100% true to Dr. Leslie Taylor’s Raintree Nutrition botanical formulas.

We share our customers’ passion to safeguard the Amazon Rainforest by ethical and sustainable production of these amazing products.

raintree-cats-claw-500mg-100-caps.pngThe Raintree difference:

- Sustainably wild-crafted herb
- Fairly traded herb
- Natural untreated non-irradiated
- Herb sourced from Raintee's South American suppliers
- GMP certified production
- All Raintree products are suitable for vegetarian

Commitment to Cutting Edge Quality

Here at Raintree Formulas we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality of herbal processing available. Quality is often mentioned in the field but creating products that are truly of high quality is something we take very seriously.

Every Raintree product is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified facility and subjected to strict quality standards.

GMP refers to a set of strict guidelines mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the purity, effectiveness, and safety of vitamins, nutritional supplements, and pharmaceuticals.

GMP certified manufacturers are required to show that they can manufacturer, package, label, and store all products properly and safely. To assure this, the processing plants undergo intensive inspections where they must demonstrate that their systems successfully prevent contamination, mix-ups, and errors and that their products are tested to ensure that they contain no impurities (i.e. heavy metals, etc.).

To maintain their certification, these companies must keep their facilities in good working order, their equipment properly maintained and calibrated, and their employees qualified and fully trained. They also must demonstrate that their processes are reliable and reproducible.

For us here at Raintree Formulas, manufacturing under current GMP certification is part of our commitment to you that all of our products are pure and contain only the ingredients listed on the packaging.

We make sure that all of our products are free from harmful contaminants such as mold, yeast, E.Coli, Salmonella and other bacteria - all of which are common in herbs from South America - as well as heavy metals and other toxic compunds.

In fact, we discard any ingredients that do not meet our high quality standards. Such circumstances can lead to products being temporarily out of stock; we will never bring a substandard product to market.

suemaroonleft-thumbnail.jpgSusan Ambrosino says, "Questions? Ask! We've brought Raintree's superb capsules, liquids, single herbs and herbal blends to our customers since 1996 - and we well understand the power and potency of these botanicals. Questions? Call 1-800-215-4682 or email SusanAmbrosino1@gmail.com or DerekClontz@gmail.com. We can help you. That's a promise!"