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Raintree Formulas

a-sueblue.pngSusan says: "Raintree Formulas was founded in the United Kingdom in 2014 and is one of several, including Rainforest Pharmacy, that produces Raintree Nutrition founder Dr. Leslie Taylor's classic 'Amazon Formulas' to her specifications and with her blessing.

This includes Myco, N-Tense, N-Tense 2, Amazon A-F, Amazon A-P, Amazon A-V, Graviola Max and dozens more.

"Despite the similarity of their names, labels, logos and marketing materials, Raintree Formulas and Dr. Taylor's company, Raintree Nutrition are not now - and they never were - affiliated. She has made that clear in several emphatic statements.

"This is important to know because Dr. Taylor's 'Amazon Formulas' are produced by several companies. We provide you with those from Raintree Formulas and from Rainforest Pharmacy - giving you choices.

"Why do we get these important herbals from TWO companies? That's easy.

"High-quality rainforest herbs can be difficult to source.

"That means that at any given time, one company or the other might have a production delay, making the products temporarily unavailable.

"By giving you choices, we are able to make sure you get the herbs when you need them without delays.

"If Raintree Formulas is unavailable (which often is the case), you can get Rainforest Pharmacy (which produces their herbs far more reliably).

"Sometimes products from both companies will be available. In that case, you can buy either brand with complete confidence. Both make superb products. I take them both!

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