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Raintree Formulas

a-sueblue.pngSusan says: "Raintree Formulas - founded in the United Kingdom in 2014 - produces Amazon rainforest herbs and formulas in the tradition of Dr. Leslie Taylor's Raintree Nutrition, a legendary American company that was founded in 1996 but forced to close in 2012 under federal regulatory duress.

"The companies share the Raintree name but are unaffiliated. The use of a strikingly similar logo and company name - Raintree Nutrition vs. Raintree Formulas - is not only confusing to consumers, it has been a matter of bitter controversy.

"I have decided to provide you with Dr. Taylor's formulas from both Raintree Formulas and Rainforest Pharmacy. The formulas are identical but Rainforest Pharmacy produces them reliably whereas Raintree Formulas has not been able to produce reliably, leaving customers in the lurch.

"Raintree Formulas, a young company founded a few years ago in England, and I'll be frank, struggles to keep up with demand. Herbs are often out-of-stock and unavailable from Raintree Formulas or are drawn from stocks produced in 2014. We do not sell the 2014 herbs, only the 15 to 20 or so products that have been produced in the past 12 to 14 months.

"Raintree Pharmacy, a seasoned company founded in 1995 by Peruvian-Americans with deep roots in the South American herb trade, reliably procures and produces Dr. Taylor's formulas. It's just that simple.

"We are confident that both companies produce excellent products - otherwise we wouldn't sell them.

"By selling both brands, we are able to get the herbs to you reliably when you need them. Buy either brand with confidence." - Susan Ambrosino