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TOA-Free Cat's Claw Challenge

suelargeblue.pngSusan says, "Samento or Saventaro - which TOA-Free Cat's Claw is right for you? Take our Samento-Saventaro Challenge and find out.

"There are two ways to take the challenge. Either switch products for one month or take both for one month. If you get an improved result with a switch, stay with the product that's better for you.

"If you get an improved result while using both products, stop taking one of them at the end of the month and evaluate how you feel going forward. In that way it will be clear which product works better for you and your specific needs.

"Here's what you have to gain. If Saventaro is your choice, you'll save a lot of money - it's less than half the price of Samento: $16.50 for a one-month supply. Buy 3 bottles and get your 4th bottle free, with free shipping. That drops you price to just $12.37 per bottle, with each bottle being a 30-day supply.

"If Samento give you a better result, yes, you pay more for it - but you can proceed with confidence knowing that you're making a sensible investment in your health.

"Some people might find that they like taking both products, and that's okay because they are both TOA-Free Cat's Claw and perfectly compatible.

"I suggest that folks who like both conduct a dosing experiment to make sure they are getting the most benefit from the least amount of herb. That will reduce the cost of herbal supplementation. I can help you with that. Write to me at SusanAmbrosino1@gmail.com and I'll tell you how to proceed."

- Susan Ambrosino - Your Trusted Friend in Herbs and Supplements Since 1994.