About Susan


Susan Ambrosino is a University of Florida-trained journalist who has written extensively on herbs and herbal issues in key national and international newspapers and magazines - reaching an audience of millions.

susanambrosino-small-border.jpgSusan also has served as editorial consultant for many other articles dealing with a variety of health and medical issues, including the use of gentle and inexpensive folk remedies to help restore and maintain optimal health where other more extensive, invasive and dangerous treatments either aren't available or recommended.

She has explored in depth the use of herbal support in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, arthritis and male and female sexual dysfunctions.

Susan, too, has published major articles on the traditional and common uses of South American rain forest herbs, most notably, Una de Gato (Cat's Claw).

As co-founder of Infinity Herbs and Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club, Inc., she personally introduced Cat's Claw to men and women in every state in the United States and 19 countries around the world.

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