Action Alert

Your freedom to choose complementary and alternative health care is under 24/7 assault from corporate lobbyists who bribe and pressure our elected officials to restrict the sale of the dietary supplements and wellness therapies that work.

suelargeblue.png"These aren't 'cocaine cures' and 'snake oil' from the Wild West or 'blood-letting' from the Middle Ages," says Susan Ambrosino, founder of Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club, Inc.

"We're talking about powerful nutritional support that millions of sane and sensible men, women and children rely on to maintain optimal good health.

"If you are a believer in wellness programs that include dietary supplements and other non-allopathic therapies -from prayer and herbs to pharmaceutical-grade extracts and vitamins -I encourage you contact your elected officials - and tell them so."

It's easy.

"Simply click the hyperlink immediately below," says Susan. "You will be whisked to a federal '.gov' Web site that will locate your congressmen automatically, complete with contact information. All you have to do is plug in your home zip code.

"Be nice. Don't say nasty things. Simply tell your senators and representatives that you want them to support any and all legislative intiatives that will INCREASE our access to herbs and supplements and alternative and complementary methods of healing.

"Tell them you want them to oppose and fight every initiative that would reduce access.

"Click this hyperlink U.S. Senators and Representatives  to get the e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and snail-mail addresses for your congressmen, and write to them today. Don't be shy. Your freedom to choose health and wellness over the treatment of symptoms and reliance on prescription drugs is at stake.

"While you're thinking about your freedoms and your health, why not take things to the top? You'll find contact information for President Barack Obama on the page, too. It's not likely that Mr. Obama will read your letter - he is, after all, an extraordinarily busy man. But his staff reads your letters. And he will get the message.

"That's what makes our country such a great place to live. We still have a voice in how we are governed. Why not make YOURS heard today?"

Questions? Comments? Write to Susan Ambrosino's Herb Club, Inc., founder Susan Ambrosino. She reads and responds to every e-mail.