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Rainforest Pharmacy

suelargeblue.pngHighest-quality Amazon Rainforest single herbs and multi-herb blends in capsules, liquids or as bulk powders from Rainforest Pharmacy, producers of highest-quality South American herbs since 1995, and Raintree Formulas.

Looking for Raintree Nutrition founder Dr. Leslie Taylor's classic "Amazon Formulas"?

In stock and shipping daily are Myco, N-Tense, N-Tense 2, Amazon A-F, Amazon A-P, Amazon A-V, Amazon C-F and over 220 different rainforest herbs and blends, all fresh, potent, proven, pure, vegetarian friendly, additive-free and certified authentic.

Choose from Rainforest Pharmacy (scroll down this page for America's largest selection) or Raintree Formulas*. Both companies make Dr. Taylor's Amazon formulas to her specifications*. Find out why both companies are making her formulas below*.

Don't see what you are looking for? Need help making your choices? We can help you. Email Derek and Susan - Help Me With a Rainforest Herb or call 1-800-215-4682. You'll get answers fast, that's a promise.

* Leslie Taylor closed her company, Raintree Nutrition, in 2012 and published her Amazon formulas for other companies to produce at that time. Raintree Formulas is a new company. Despite the similarity of the names, it is not affiliated with Dr. Taylor or Raintree Nutrition - and she has made that clear in numerous emphatic statements.

Raintree Formulas makes excellent herbs when they can get the ingredients but the truth is they are out of stock of most of their products most of the time. We provide them as they are available. Rainforest Pharmacy sources the ingredients reliably and all of Dr. Taylor's formulas and over 200 other South American rainforest herbs are in stock and shipping daily.

Susan says, "Derek Clontz and I have specialized in South American rainforest herbs since 1994. We know Amazon herbs. We know these companies. And we assure you, you can buy from Rainforest Pharmacy or Raintree Formulas with complete confidence. We personally take products from both companies and can vouch for the purity, quality and potency, all of which are guaranteed."

Susan's Herbs and Nature's Trust - Rainforest Herb Specialists Since 1994, This is Our 24th Anniversary Year