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Rainforest Pharmacy

Rainforest Pharmacy

suelargeblue.pngSusan says, "We're proud to bring you fresh, potent, pure and authentic Amazon herbs from Rainforest Pharmacy, importers of high-quality South American botanicals since 1995. We started the Herb Club specializing in rainforest herbs in 1994, so they've been around almost a long as we have!

"Rainforest Pharmacy herbs are so good that Amazon rainforest-herb expert Dr. Leslie Taylor - the founder of Raintree Nutrition* and creator of a series of 'Amazon Formulas' that include Myco, N-Tense, N-Tense 2, Amazon A-F, Amazon A-P, Amazon A-V, Amazon C-F, Spiro, Amazon CNS, Amazon Detox and many more - has authorized me to say, and I quote:

"'Leslie Taylor buys all of her Amazon herbs and formulas from Rainforest Pharmacy, her trusted source since she closed Raintree Nutrition in 2012 to devote herself entirely to writing and research.'

*Raintree Nutrition is not to be confused, says Dr. Taylor, with "Raintree Formulas". Despite the similarity of the names, the companies are distinct corporate entities with no affiliation. Since closing Raintree Nutrition has made it a point to buy Rainforest Pharmacy products when she needs Amazon single herbs and her own formulas which she has published openly for anyone to make. In this way, even though she stopped manufacturing them in 2012, people still have access to them. She is not compensated. And that tells you a lot about this brilliant and compassionate woman. Your health is more important to her than money. She cares about you.

"All Rainforest Pharmacy herbs and blends are fresh, potent, proven, pure, vegetarian friendly, additive-free and certified authentic.

"Protocol herbs? We're your go-to source for Uncarine Max, Uncarine Ultra, Otoba Bark, Huacapurana, Amor Seco DM, Pimpinella, Pimpinella Max, full-spectrum Stevia and more.

"When all is said and done, we've got over 200 certified and authentic Amazon herbs and formulas to choose from in capsules, liquids, topicals and in bulk by the pound," says Susan.

"Don't see what you are looking for? Need help making your choices? We can help you. Email Derek and Susan - Help Me With a Rainforest Herb or call 1-800-215-4682. You'll get answers fast, that's a promise.

"Derek and I have specialized in South American rainforest herbs since 1994. We know Amazon herbs. We know our suppliers. And we can help you."

Susan's Herbs and Nature's Trust - Rainforest Herb Specialists Since 1994, This is Our 25th Anniversary Year