Ajos Sacha Roots 1 Lb. Bulk Powder

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sue.jpegAjos Sacha (Mansoa alliacea) root  – 16 oz. (1 lb.) bulk powder. 

Please note that due to powder density, this product may ship in one double poly bag or 2 containers of 8 oz. each. 

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Ajos sacha (a Spanish name meaning ‘false garlic’) is widely known in Peru as a medicinal vine exuding the distinctive odor of garlic. Not surprisingly, it contains some of the same  sulfur-containing chemicals found in garlic, such as alliin and allyl sulphides. 

The root is prepared as a cold maceration. The advantage of the powdered root is that no maceration is required. Using a glass or enamel container, place 9 grams of the powdered root in 2 cups of cold water, cover the container to avoid contaminants, and let it sit in your refrigerator for at least 2 and up to 3 days. Before use, pour the liquid through a fine mesh screen to remove the woody particles. Alternatively, the powdered root could be placed in a fine mesh bag or mesh tea ball before allowing it to soak in cold water. 

The cold water infusion is taken at a dosage of 1 cup 2 or 3 times daily. The recipe above will supply about 2 cups. To make a larger supply, simply increase the amounts of powder and cold water accordingly, and refrigerate unused portions in a well sealed container. 

Caution: Not for internal use during pregnancy or lactation. If you are taking medications or have a medical condition, consult with a health care professional before use. Keep this product out of the reach of children.

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