Today's Best Sellers

Today's Best Sellers

a-sueblue.pngmaywaylogo.gifSusan Ambrosino says: "I stock thousands of fresh, safe, authentic, finest-quality Chinese herbs from trusted companies like Plum Flower and Min Shan and ship them to customers nationwide every day. Make no mistake - you CAN buy Chinese herbs with confidence.


"And there are two ways to shop. Click Chinese Herbs (above) and scan products on our Web site. Or, click BROWSE OUR SELECTION at MAYWAY - a company we've represented in the Chinese market for 25 years.


"Find the herbs you want in the forms you want them in and then email me for your prices that reflect current market conditions.


"Volume discounts apply, so be sure to tell me how many of each item you want."


Questions? Click My Chinese-Herb Question for Susan and Derek