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Derek Clontz System Condensed Protocols


Susan and Derek say, "Until midnight tonight, January 1, 2019, buy any Derek Clontz Support Program 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 and we'll send you your choice of 2-oz Stevia, 2-oz Cecropia, or 2-oz Triplaris or any one of the following high-quality herbs listed below FREE.

Buy Protocol 1 - on sale for $54 with your automatic 10% cart-level discount - and get your choice of 2-oz Stevia or any of the additional products listed below.

Simply put your choice in the comments box at checkout when you order online - or tell us when you call. Supplies are limited and choices will change daily. 

Liquids: Rainforest Pharmacy Stevia 2-oz.   .   Oregon's Wild Harvest (OWH) Turmeric 1-oz.   .  OWH Damiana 1-oz.   .  OWH St. John's Wort 1-oz.   .   OWH Passionflower 1-oz.   .   OWH Rhodiola 1-oz.   . NOW Foods IGF-1+ Antler Velvet Liposomal Spray.

Capsules: Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Candida Cleanse & Digestion 220-count Vegetarian   .   Ginger Root 180 capsules Vegetarian   .   Solaray Monolaurin 60 capsules Vegetarian   .    Source Naturals Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract 120 tablets   .   NOW Cinnamon Bark 120 capsules. Vegetarian. Organic   .   Glucose Metabolic Support 90 capsules. Vegetarian   .   Eyebright Herb 100 capsules. Vegetarian .     

DON'T FORGET - ORDER ONLINE and save 10% off our already-discounted prices. Your extra savings are applied automatically during checkout. Click Derek Clontz System Protocols to open a dazzling, easy-reading PDF that explains the programs.

SUSAN SAYS: "Derek Clontz System Protocols are the highly affordable 'heart and soul' of more complicated support programs that can be hard to take on schedule every day, hard on your body - and hard on your budget. Click the image, right, for a sparkling, easy-to-read PDF that explains everything.

"Derek's System is based on his firm belief, based on decades of experience, that less is more, meaning that, in most cases, just a few herbs are going to be more helpful than too many herbs that stress your body and your bank account.

"You get full instructions with every protocol that we provide.

"Not only that, unlike those mass-marketers who couldn't care less about you once you've given them your money, my team and I stay with our customers every step of the way with the most caring, comprehensive and intelligent professional support in the business.

"We aren't doctors and we don't pretend to be. We don't give medical advice or make medical claims. We can, however, help you with general questions.

"Questions? Email using the safe, secure, Captcha-protected form on our Contact Us page. or call 1-800-215-4682. This is our 24th Anniversary Year."