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Over 50? Over 60? Over 70? Derek Clontz's Senior-Adapt Protocol for Baby Boomers and Anybody Who Wants to Feel Their Best Every Day - even if you are as old as he is! 

One thing's for sure, thanks to his herbs, Derek, 71 and turning 72 on Feb. 19, is still going strong on his British-made Specialized road bike seven days a week. And then he's in the gym for an hour when the sun goes down. And then there's his hands-on management of Nature's Trust Inc. & Susan's Herbs. And then he's up reading until midnight every night. He's a busy guy for good reason - he's living on HERB POWER!

And you deserve to FEEL YOUR BEST, too!

"So what in the world is a "senior citizen" anyway?" says Derek. "It depends on who you are talking to, of course. You can collect Social Security at 62. Most restaurants give you a "seniors discount" when you hit 55. Teenagers think you're on you way to the old folks home the day you celebrate your Big 4-0 birthday. And then there are men and women pushing 80 or 90 who zip through their days with the zest for living and energy of people who are still in the prime of life.

"Let's face it - you're only as old as you feel and act. That where my Senior Adapt Protocol comes in - it can help you perform at your highest possible levels day after day.

"I did a lot of reading and research and chose tried-and-true adaptogenic and tonic herbs to support two specific clusters of men and women:

1.  Those who unfortunately suffer from debilitating symptoms that can include everything from memory and cognition deficiencies, chronic tiredness and fatigue, fitful and insufficient sleep. muscle and joint pain and stiffness - and the list goes on.

2. Those who mercifully aren't saddled with symptoms of any kind, or, if they do have symptoms , consider them to be mild and inconsequential - and want to make sure they stay that way.

"The secret to the System is a carefully chosen and fortified blend of adaptogenic herbs that have been scientifically shown to normalize - that means "strengthen" and "support" - all functions of the human body, minimimizing or eliminating symptoms and weaknesses that drag us down, making life miserable struggle instead of a joy. These herbs are being studied intensively worldwide as scientists try to figure out exactly how they improve human health and well-being in so many different ways. 

"But you don't have to wait for scientists to explain anything - the adaptogens, as they are called, have been in safe, effective and continuous us for at least 2,000 years in cultures the world over. They are widely available and affordable. The toughest thing about choosing adaptogens is choosing those that are just-right for you.

"That's why I've done the work for you. The Herbal Adapt capsules with the addition of Holy Basil spagyric liquid extract is a powerhouse combination of tonic herbs that cover all the bases. I swear by them based on long personal use. Unless I miss my guess, you'll become a true believer, too.

"For the record, adaptogens usually begin to deliver benefits within 7 to 10 days, but the you can expect those benefits to increase and improve significantly over the course of 6 weeks and beyond.

"The longer you take them, the more profound the results. I've taken them for 31 years, lol - and God willing, I'll take them for 30 more years. The sky is the limit!

"If you have questions, don't be shy - call me at 1-800-215-4682 Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. - and yes, I DO answer my own phone. You can email your questions to me directly at I read and respond to emails seven days a week the same day you send them."

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